Pen spy camera-A unique item for you

Looking for such a spy camera pen that captures an image of quality, as well as video and audio recording? Dino whether direct visit and on our website because we have allowed 8 GB Spy Pen’s put you in the market. This is a spy camera pen, which is available in the latest model and color. The technology has been used in the design is the last for many modern features you would expect for this position can get a spy camera. The 8 GB HD 1280 x 720 sounds pen spy camera is the quality of the material and the capture of image signals. The signals are designed to capture the audio signals are used.

He also became the indicator lamp is red, green and blue LEDs, which show three different lights in three colors of the different operating conditions of products in the combination of different modes. There is also a standard 4-pin USB pen spy camera through which you can use the interface to connect the data cable and power cable. The result is a video file resolution of 1280 x 720 dpi, to help you get high quality video. The spy camera pen has a built-in microphone, which is of high quality. The spy camera pen is the video recording and also a digital camera function, you can make videos and photos can catch with that pen spy camera, he also feature digital voice recorder. The spy camera pen can be used as a PC camera. You can use it to connect via your PC

Spy Camera Pen supports 8 GB Micro SD (TF). It has a switchable lens cover, through which one can the lens of the camera after use. It supports AVI video and high-speed dynamics. The spy camera pen is powered by internal lithium battery with energy and power on / off /. There is a USB cable for charging and data transfer. This spy camera pen with the purchase of various sizes and models, but we recommend that spy camera pen in 14.5 x 1.5 cm / 5.7 x 0.6in (L x dia.) You can even the 8GB HD 1280 x 720 sounds like a spy camera pen gift item. You can use this gift to your special. So to see all the unique features, if you plan to buy 8 GB HD 1280 x 720 Sound spy camera pen, call us now and reserve as soon as possible.

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